Can A Small Vacation Amidst the Pandemic Bring A Ray of Hope In Our Life?

We all know that this pandemic is far from over. And thinking about leisure travel may be the last thing on your list, right now. But, there’s a BUT coming in.

According to researchers, vacationing enhances energy, empathy, and focus. Even thinking about the vacation and investing your time in prepping up for a travel can make you happy and boost your mental health. Now isn’t that great news.

Science suggests that anticipating and planning even a short trip can be almost as pleasant as going on the trip itself. Just thinking about the trip can give a boost to your brain. According to a study done by Cornell University, the expectation of an experience (like a vacation) can increase a person’s happiness considerably, much more than the keenness of buying material goods.

Was COVID-19 & Home Quarantine Easy On Us?

The saddest part is that, among the many challenges thrown by the COVID-19 pandemic, home quarantine was by far the toughest and the most perplexing thing that has ever happened to any of us. Although it was the need of the hour and also the right thing to do, it greatly reduced our ability to create new experiences in life. And right now, we are craving for these new experiences and the social benefits it brings in, more than ever.

This pandemic has really made me realize one thing – as humans we spend a lot of time living in the future and this future-mindedness is a source of joy, especially when we know that good things (like a vacation or a trip) are coming. Even a small trip amidst the pandemic can bring so much positivity and hope in our life.

How I Created My New Experience Amidst the Pandemic With A Short Trip?

After a yearlong of collective trauma, heavy workloads at the office, online schooling for my kids, astronomical amounts of household chores and stress (complimentary), I really needed a little time to unwind and unplug. For more than a year, I have been feeling exhausted, cynical and less capable at work. A vacation was all I could think of, but just like most of you, I was very skeptical to step out of the house in these challenging times.

But do you know what helped me – I just broadened my definition of vacation. That’s all. Regardless of where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do, I planned a vacation that gave me – a break from my monotonous daily routine, a boost to my mental and physical wellness and a life-enriching adventure. So, I didn’t have to travel across the country to achieve these things, it just happened in the next town over.

A staycation in Kabini, Bangalore was the best thing that happened to me post the lockdown was lifted recently. I disconnected from my work, filled my time with activities that I enjoyed and allowed myself to truly relax in the lush green beauty of nature. I just took one day of time off from my monotonous routines and it felt great. It felt very refreshing. I had a real plan to prep for and I was really intentional about my trip. But this doesn’t mean that I didn’t prepare for it cautiously. I took all the precautions I could, like packing sanitizers, extra masks, wet wipes in my tote bag along with my other travel essentials.

Right now, all of us are in the need of positive emotions that we naturally feel from taking even a brief vacation and engaging ourselves in fun and meaningful activities. So, even if it is a small trip, do not hesitate or waste the opportunity. Afterall, we all are due for a vacation.