Don’t Miss Out On The Most Effective Marketing Channels

If you are browsing for a product, you will find a million websites talking about it and a thousand stores selling it in your hometown. But if you are relaxing on your couch, how will you find out about the amazing store just a mile away from you? Take a guess.

Yes, offline marketing is the answer. Consumers go online when they want to, but they take the roads, wander in markets, travel, stay in hotels, read newspapers and magazines all the time. In short, the world is offline. And it’s wiser to take marketing where the world is. Isn’t it?

If you are still in doubt, here are some statistics to prove the impact of offline marketing. Around 50% of buyers use flyers for price comparison. While 36% of shoppers go online to learn more about the offer, 36% prefer to visit the store. Even 62% of consumers believe flyers and brochures as a top effective advertising channel. When it comes to billboards, 71% of people read billboard messages while driving, as 68% make shopping decisions in the car.

Fly High In The Market With Flyers

You don’t wait for the customer to find your store or website, you reach out to them. And the easiest way to reach out to your target audience is through flyers.

They work for all types of businesses and the process is the same. You can distribute flyers on the streets, stores, restaurants, etc. Anyplace where your potential customers are highly likely to be.

The average attention span of humans is only eight seconds, so make sure to make the flyers eye-catchy. But that doesn’t mean you ditch the essentials. Always add contact details, doesn’t matter what the flyer is about. In short, design a flyer that’s targeted and convincing.

Take Your Business To A New Height With Banners

In a busy traffic signal, when vehicles aren’t moving, we move our eyes to look at our surroundings. That is something we all do.
We as a marketer can use this opportunity to reach our potential customers through huge banners and billboards. Due to their smart positioning and massive size, they grab almost everyone’s attention and can effectively spread the message about your business.
Speak with the words. Play with the space. Your message should be short, crisp, and creative.

Get People Talking About Your Business With Brochures

A brochure is like a notepad. It has it all and to the point.

Brochures are a convenient way of promoting your business. People can grab a bunch of brochures at once, carry them around in their pocket and share it with their friends. This way, customers can easily get a quick look at your business without wasting their time. That’s gold in this fast-paced world.

While compared to flyers and banners, brochures indeed look like a fat book. But don’t add too much information in it. Try to say more with less. Give all the necessary information about your business or service in a very concise and precise manner. And don’t forget to make it interesting to read too.

Now that we know why offline marketing is important, we can talk about the next bit, how?
Offline marketing isn’t much different than online marketing. It’s paper and print. That’s it. Create compelling content and highlight it with proper design.

Just like the trending hashtags and popular keywords, find out the ultimate list of places in your hometown to distribute flyers and brochures.

If you have any further questions, you know where to ask.