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    Social Media Marketing For Businesses

    The phrase ‘man is a social animal’ that takes on a new, multidimensional meaning in today’s age when an estimated 4.95 billion people are on social media daily! That is a whopping 61% of the world’s population. And that number is estimated to grow to 5.17 billion before the beginning of 2025 itself. Social media marketing, the creating and sharing of content on social media platforms to achieve marketing and branding goals, is becoming more important literally by the day!

    The criticality of social media marketing in India can be understood from the fact that considering internet users aged between 16 and 64, India tops the world with a mindblowing 11.5 social media accounts per user! That is nearly double of the second ranked United States. And with users spending an average 144 minutes daily on social media platforms, your brand or company is missing out on a huge opportunity if you are not using social media marketing for business.

    Social media marketing involves activities such as posting text and image updates, videos, and other content that engages and attracts the target audience. Content writing and creation is the critical precursor to all of these. The ultimate goal is to drive website traffic, increase brand awareness, and generate leads or sales. And content is both – king and queen – to do this!

    How Can We Help? What CWL Brings to the Table?

    Welcome to Charu Writer Lance (CWL), your ultimate destination for premium social media content and strategy. Our team of content writers and social media experts are dedicated to delivering innovative content and design solutions for social media marketing with a singular objective – to propel your brand’s growth higher, stronger and faster. At CWL, we possess the creativity of the best content writing agency and the charisma of a successful social media marketing company. Our strengths include

    Content Creating

    Whether it is text-based posts, infographics, images, videos, and any other multimedia content our team creates high-quality content that is engaging, and relevant for different social media platforms.

    Copywriting Skills

    CWL’s core strength is its seasoned team of content writers who have been offering premium content writing services in Bangalore for over two decades. From headlines to captions to posts, our content is compelling, engaging and persuasive.

    Strategy Building

    We are quick at understanding the target audience and developing a comprehensive social media strategy in alignment with the overall marketing goals of the business. Whether it is planning content calendars, posting schedules, and drawing up campaign strategies, we have it all covered.

    Platform Expertise

    Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit and Quora are all different animals though they are bunched under social media platforms. As a social media management agency, CWL understands the demographics, strengths and nuances of these different platforms and tailors content accordingly.

    SEO Integration

    Social media marketing for businesses without SEO (search engine optimisation) is like publishing a book without an index – your content is there, but it’s challenging for your audience to navigate and discover. At CWL, we constantly update ourselves with Google’s (a near monopoly in search engines) latest SEO trends.

    Visual Communication

    It is well established that visual content often performs well on social media platforms. CWL offers you the ability to convey messages effectively through visual elements, including graphic design and video production.

    Our strategy

    No social media marketing agency will state its strategy outright! Being a specialised and niche team of social media experts, CWL is no exception. However, our broad strategy stands on four pillars:


    Our greatest strength in communication is our ability to listen not just to our clients but also to the changes in the social media landscape. We are all ears to your company’s vision, mission and guidelines. We also understand the target audience’s sentiments and observe, analyse and comprehend social media trends. That is what provides us with our unique and valuable insights.


    The planning phase at CWL is all about defining objectives, building a social media marketing strategy to achieve that and finally crafting a content calendar.


    After making a plan to execute, we execute the plan! We create and disseminate engaging content that is in alignment with the brand across the selected social media platforms.


    We feed on feedback that comes directly and indirectly from the company and the audience to gain better understanding and insights. We leverage these insights to refine our strategy, ensuring it remains agile and adaptive to the dynamic social media landscape.


    Why Choose CWL?

    CharuWriterLance (CWL) stands as the best social media marketing company in Bangalore simply based on its unparalleled content-writing and content- creating abilities. We have built a team of seasoned professionals who, based on their two decades of experience, understand the subtle nuances in drafting compelling content.

    We have a proven track record in servicing a wide range of industries with content that resonates with diverse audiences. What truly delights CWL clients is our superfast turnaround times without compromising quality. All our testimonials show that clients trust CWL for consistently meeting and even exceeding expectations.

    While reliability is at the core of our service ethos, our services are very fairly priced, providing great value for our customers. We do this because we greatly value our customers and are committed to fostering lasting relationships. We believe in the sustained growth of our clients, and our focus on building meaningful connections ensures that our partnerships transcend transactional boundaries, resulting in mutual success.

    Choose CWL – where experience meets excellence, and relationships are nurtured for lasting impact.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Social media marketing takes your brand from ground zero to a world stage. It improves your brand’s awareness, engages with existing customers, attracts potential customers and ultimately, leads to higher sales and greater ROI. In another angle, a good social media marketing strategy increases your brand’s rankings in search engine results pages and provides a boost to website traffic. This also benefits you ultimately as higher sales and greater ROI.
    The best social media marketing platforms for businesses and brands include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, and Snapchat. Each of them have their unique demographics, content type, strategies, strengths and weaknesses. For instance, which Youtube is most engaging, it demands heavy resources. On the other hand, Instagram is engaging and reaches a young audience but has high ad costs. Depending on the nature, size and industry of your business or brand, you could opt for a mix of the above.
    Everything begins with research and understanding of the special needs and goals of the business and brand. As a top-notch social media marketing company, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the industry dynamics, target audience and other nuances. Based on these, our expert team comes up with a content dissemination strategy after which the content is created, posting schedules drawn and engagement methods determined. Our eyes and ears are always open for feedback, direct (from the client and comments) and indirect (from research of data analytics).
    The phrase, ‘Content is king’ is a cliche for a reason! No social media marketing strategy can be made without content. Content is the ‘food’ that the ‘waiters’ called social media serve. Ultimately, it is only good content writing that captures attention, fosters trust and loyalty. It is the supreme catalyst for user engagement. Social media marketing helps in accelerating the discovery of content. It only introduces your potential customer to your brand. All the communication after that is done by your content alone.
    Any social media management agency will tell you that if your brand has to be consistent across social media channels, then all the elements of the brand - colours, fonts, styles, imagery, design etc - need to be consistent across platforms. So, we begin with understanding the brand guidelines and help you develop them in case they aren’t decided yet. The brand guidelines serve as a compass to which our team rigorously adheres to while creating and posting content. While the teams managing the different platforms vary, the content writing and creation is done by a core team that is in regular touch with the brand. Regular internal audits and quality checks further reinforce consistency.
    What distinguishes Charu Write Lance as the best social media marketing company in Bangalore is our honesty and transparency. We are dedicated to always delivering high-quality content that aligns perfectly with the clients’ goals. In fact, we even do one revision (if the client seeks it) totally free of additional cost! Timely delivery is ingrained in our ethos as is cost-effectiveness. Importantly, we engage in upfront discussions, clearly defining milestones and deliverables, fostering a collaborative relationship. Our strict adherence to agreed-upon timelines and deliverables further solidifies CWL as a trusted partner for social media content creation.
    CWL employs a multidimensional approach to measure the success and return on investment (ROI) of social media marketing in India. For starters, the growth and engagement metrics will be visible to the brand from the social media platforms themselves. CWL makes use of robust tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to track all the pre-decided key performance indicators (KPIs) - engagement, reach, click-throughs, and conversions. We calculate the cost to achieve the different stages of the marketing funnel (Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Intent, Purchase and Post-purchase) and make adjustments to the strategy as necessary.
    Community engagement is vital to achieve social media marketing success. In fact, this is the wet dream of any social media marketing strategy. When we actively engage with the audience, unconsciously trust is built into them and that brings about brand loyalty. Look at the sense of community that exists around Royal Enfield bikers in India! Such a community is the true fan-following a brand or business needs. Community interactions also provide valuable feedback and insights. Real-time insights from an engaged community aid in staying relevant and adaptable to market shifts.