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    Creative Writing

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    Creative Writing

    Creative writing is a form of artistic expression that goes beyond the bounds of technical or academic writing. For centuries, people have been using this form of writing to convey ideas, emotions, and narratives. In this digital era, when brands are aggressively looking to hire freelance content writers & content writing agencies that can create engaging and expressive content, creative writing is a form that benefits brands by involving imagination, originality, and storytelling techniques.

    From creating content for marketing to branding, advertising, and other communication purposes, creative writing can benefit businesses to capture attention of the target audience, build emotional connection, tell brand stories, enhance brand personality, support SEO efforts & encourage innovation at every step.

    If you have been looking for the best Content Writing Services in Bangalore , then CharuWriterLance (CWL) is your one-stop destination. With a team of professional content writers at CWL, you will achieve brand differentiation, build brand personality and enhance brand perception, while ensuring search engine optimisation and adaptability to the latest trends.

    We are not just any content writing agency, we transform words into a captivating symphony. We weave narratives in the form of storytelling that humanizes the brand and provides customers with information they can relate to, creating a memorable brand experience.

    We provide the finest content writing services in India, where every sentence becomes a brushstroke in a masterpiece. We transform information into an inspiration and create memorable brand messages across platforms to emerge as a winner.

    Creative Writing Services

    We prioritise creative writing and leverage its power to build a strong and lasting presence in the marketplace. Here’s what we offer.

    Website Content

    Website Content Writing is like a neural network in the brain that communicates for your website.
    Web content writing is key for two way communication between your brand and your customers. Whether a static page or dynamic, web content writing revolves around storytelling, content for multimedia, FAQs, content strategy, webpage layouts, other elements like form for interaction and call-to-action (CTA).
    At CWL, our focus on web content writing comprehensively includes all the aspects of website content along with web page SEO, which is most critical for ranking on search engines and successfully communicating with prospective customers. Read More

    Blogs & Articles

    Article & Blog Writing is like the muscles that provide strength and substance to a website.These are powerful ways for a website to flex its intellectual and emotional prowess, engaging visitors and transforming them into fans. Blog & content writing services are critical in establishing a brand’s voice and thought leadership by demonstrating the expertise through the right information shared in an engaging manner. High quality content writing increases the visibility of a brand and can also be the best friend for including call to actions (CTA).With nearly 2 decades of extensive experience, CWL assures you best blog writing services in Bangalore. We specialise in creating engaging content that genuinely benefits readers, engages with customers and helps build a community. If you are looking for Best Blog Writing Services in India, then you have just come to the right place. You can write to us at charu.freelancer@gmail.com or call us at 9845411804.

    Brochures & Flyers

    A brochure is like the skin that attracts attention and encourages further exploration of a website! Brochures and Flyers interact with your customers in a multi-sensorial manner. Potential customers see, feel and also mentally ‘hear’ these collaterals getting a good ‘taste’ of your company service and products. Brochure design services are possibly the best for geographic targeting and achieving penetration in local markets. Brochure design templates should be created for target audiences for precise information delivery, especially for special offers and events. As a creative brochure design company India, CWL crafts compelling brochures and flyers to complement marketing efforts of the businesses. You will be surprised at how effective and cost-effective Flyer Design Services for your Business can be. You can write to us at charu.freelancer@gmail.com or call us at 9845411804.

    Product Descriptions

    Product Descriptions are like the lifeblood which nourishes your website by encouraging sales. Product Description Writing Service is the virtual sales pitches that infuse your website with the critical elements necessary for its growth and ultimate success. They help in conveying information, building trust and addressing concerns which help in upselling and cross selling. Product description writers know that these content pieces are a fertile ground to plant keywords that reap a harvest of a high SEO ranking! If you are looking for Product Description Writing Services for eCommerce, then you have just found your ultimate destination. You can write to us at charu.freelancer@gmail.com or call us at 9845411804.

    Press Releases

    A press release is like the voice of your website that speaks out confidently to the world! It communicates important information, including announcements and achievements that shape the public perception of your company and website. You write a press release because it is a critical part of compliance. However, press release writing services in India have grown exponentially because it is much more than you think. Press release writing services in Bangalore provide the right media exposure, manage crisis, maintain investor relations, create a buzz for new launches, showcase success and, ultimately, build the brand. While seeking press release writing services in Bangalore, look no further than CWL which has helped many budding brands as well as established ones build and maintain a sterling reputation. You can write to us at charu.freelancer@gmail.com or call us at 9845411804.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Absolutely! Our content writers pride themselves for their creative and unique writing. If you want to hire freelance content writers, then be assured, at CharuWriterLance we have published authors and contributors in the media industry, who enjoy writing and take pride in their work. As a content writing agency, we are committed to originality and each piece we craft is bespoke. For your satisfaction, we also certify our content, running it through AI-testing and plagiarism-testing tools. While we are aware that our clients seek SEO-friendly content that ranks their websites high for the machines and algorithms, we primarily cater to human readers whose engagement is what ultimately decides the page popularity.
    No, we do not utilise ChatGPT or Bard or any other AI tools to write content. Our content writers believe that every company, brand or client has unique needs which we understand and compose the necessary text. Therefore, our investment is in ‘natural intelligence’ and not ‘artificial intelligence’. Embracing the specialty of the human intellect, we steer clear of automated writing processes. That is why we rank among the best content writing services in Bangalore on Google.
    We have been offering content writing services in Bangalore for nearly 2 decades now. Samples of our previous work are available as testament for our performance excellence. You are welcome to join us for a cup of tea or coffee and have a free consultation on your vision and requirements. Respecting the time and efforts of both parties involved, we offer free trials for limited words.
    Yes! That is the best part of working with us. We are fine with being ‘ghosts’ or rather, ‘friendly spirits’ in the background, doing all the creative content writing for you. Your satisfaction and joy are the rewards for us and so, we are happy to give you the ownership of the content we create for you. We shall definitely be happy with your acknowledgement of our work.
    The honest answer is that it depends. The nature of the industry, the research involved, the specificity of instructions etc. are all determining factors. As a content writing agency, we have priorities based on promised timelines to our clients. However, we generally turn in a 1000 word document within 2 days. That, you will agree, is a quick turnaround time by content writing standards.
    CWL is a content writing agency for whom the clients’ happiness is of paramount importance. Hence, we are happy to do as many revisions as you need to be happy. The first three revisions will be totally free of cost. The fourth revision onwards will be paid based on the initial agreement. Having said that, let us also assure you that many of our clients consider us as the most professional content writers near Bengaluru, and have been completely satisfied with the first 2 revisions only.
    We offer a variety of payment options to make the process convenient for you to hire freelance content writers. You can make payments using UPI, debit cards, and net banking. We are flexible and can even accept cash payments. You will receive an invoice for the processed payments for your records instantly for the best content writing services in Bangalore.
    Yes, we do charge an advance fee amounting to 80% of the agreed-upon total. This advance payment helps reserve our top notch writers and secure our content writing services for your project. This initial payment also includes a complementary revision from the top content writers near Bengaluru! Our past experience has shown that this kind of commitment from both sides is what brings the best results.
    In a world where you either go digital or extinct, the importance of fresh content cannot be overemphasised. Content writers and content writing services are in high demand because search engines like Google favour sites with fresh content. More than the machines, human readers need something new to capture their interest and engage with. Both these result in better page rankings. Regular content also helps to surface older content through intelligent internal linking.
    CharuWriterLance caters to a large array of industries, offering tailored content solutions for businesses across various sectors. Rome was not built in a day and neither was CharuWriterLance! Over 20 years, we have painstakingly built our expertise in content writing in industries such as technology, education, e-commerce, healthcare, finance, real estate, travel, fashion, automotive, entertainment, legal, hospitality, and much more. Whether you are a startup, an established corporation, or operate in a niche market, our content writing agency team is well-equipped to provide specialised and effective content writing services that meet the unique needs of your industry. Our versatile approach ensures that your content resonates with your target audience, regardless of the sector you operate in.
    At CWL, we begin by understanding your needs. Then, we do a thorough research and plan the project. We create an outline based on which our world class content writers craft a first draft. This draft is checked, proofread and edited before being sent to the client. In most cases, our client is happy at this point. However, the client is welcome to offer feedback and we are happy to do a revision free of cost.
    Being among the top content writing services in Bangalore, we have different pricing models depending on the project complexity and client requirements. We follow the fixed price model, per-word rate model (INR 3.5 per word - INR 7 per word), per page rate model or even the retainer model. Having said that, let us tell you that the value we add to your brand is much more than the price you pay!
    No. You don’t have to make a complete payment upfront. We are free for a detailed discussion of the project scope and rates. Once you are happy with our commitment, you can pay 80% of the agreed fee as an advance. The remaining 20% will have to be paid on completion of the project. This includes a free complimentary revision.