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Marketing Writing Is a Marathon, Not a Race

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    Marketing Content Writing For Businesses

    Marketing content writing is much more than a campaign; it is a continuous commitment. In this digital age, your brand is a story that is unfolding across multiple touch points and you need to ensure that this story is ‘written’ well! This is not just about finding a content writing agency and paying the best fee for content writing. It is about finding storytellers who will engage, enthuse and energise your clients and potential customers on a continuous basis across a range of interaction points that include your LinkedIn profile, resume, pitch deck, emails, portfolio presentations, case studies and business proposals.

    Remember, marketing writing is not a race. It is a marathon. So, don’t get carried away by marketing campaigns to simply hire freelance content writers to blast off your own marketing campaign! Instead, find a partner who will drive brand visibility, engagement, and conversion by communicating a compelling brand narrative, connecting with your target audience, and fostering trust. Among all content writers near Bengaluru, CharuWriterLance (CWL) has been crafting SEO-optimised content for nearly 2 decades now.

    Discover the premium Content Writing Services in Bangalore at CWL. Our team of skilled content writers promises you effective audience targeting, compelling brand messaging, and engaging storytelling in an SEO-optimised manner that achieves success by winning the hearts of humans and search engines alike! By making CWL your all-in-one partner for marketing writing, you are investing in sustained success.

    Our Services

    At CWL, marketing writing is about resonance. We draft and craft content that deeply connects with the target audience, resonating with their needs, emotions, and aspirations, to ensure a memorable impact. This resonance builds brand affinity, fosters engagement, and compels action. For instance, consider the ‘marathon’ analogy below with which we share our offerings and you will understand that CWL is definitely different from any content writing agency you have come across so far.

    LinkedIn Profile

    Your LinkedIn profile is akin to your marathon attire, which helps you run it while representing you throughout the race. With more than 900 million users across 200 regions and countries, LinkedIn is a space that you and your brand should be present in.

    CWL’s LinkedIn profile writing service will showcase your professional identity, achievements, and aspirations, helping you ‘stride’ confidently in the business landscape. Our profile writing experts will build and optimise your profile end-to-end including a professional headline, a concise yet comprehensive summary, accomplishments, responsibilities, certifications and relevant blog posts, articles and media coverage.

    Email Campaigns

    Think of email campaigns as strategically placed water stations along the marathon route. They provide timely and valuable ‘nourishment’ and help to sustain throughout the marathon. Email copywriting services are taken for granted but are vital to help you stand apart in a world with 4 billion daily email users and 347 billion daily emails!

    Having a proven track record as the best email writing services, CWL’s key strength lies in deeply understanding the target audience’s needs, preferences, and pain points to create relevant and engaging content. Our professional email writing service then personalises a compelling and concise email copy in a consistent brand voice and a clear call to action (CTA).

    Resumes & Cover Letters

    Resumes and cover letters serve as your marathon training log that document your professional journey, achievements, and aspirations. The best resume writing services assist you in creating this comprehensive guide for prospective employers or clients.

    CWL’s professional resume writing service features seasoned and experienced writers who will not only ‘log in’ your skills, achievements and experiences but also tailor it for the job and career path you are wishing to pursue. With intimate knowledge of the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), our resume writing services optimize your CV and cover letters with the right quality and quantity of keywords.

    Case Studies

    Case studies are your racing and marathon testimonials showcasing successful runs! As per the Content Marketing Institute, case studies were employed by 73% of the highly successful content marketers. That in itself builds a strong case to use a case study writing service in marketing!

    Our adept content writers build case studies with a storytelling approach highlighting transformative solutions and measurable outcomes. CWL thus ensures clarity and engagement, tailoring each case study to reinforce your brand identity and showcase your success stories and learnings. Our professional case study writing services online have built credibility and instilled confidence in the potential customers of our clients.


    Presentations could be equated to strategic route maps in the marathon journey of marketing writing and communication. Research has shown that 91% of presenters feel more confident presenting with a well-designed slide deck.

    PPT writing services in India are on an ever-upward trajectory because clear visuals and compelling content ensure that the brand message is conveyed effectively. CWL’s presentation writing service employs a strategic blend of engaging visuals, concise messaging, and impactful design to convey your story efficiently and persuasively.

    Pitch Decks

    In preparation for the ‘marathon’ of marketing communication, pitch decks are your pre-race warm-up routines. They are concise presentations that provide an overview of a business, products, or ideas.

    With CWL, you are serviced by some of the best pitch deck writers in India, who distill complex information into impactful and engaging presentations. As a top notch pitch deck design agency, we will cover all aspects for you from problem statement to solutions, market opportunity and business models to the team and financial projections, setting the stage for successful business engagements.

    Business Proposals

    The business proposal is often the last lap of your marathon journey which means that it is also the most challenging part! Writing these comprehensive documents that outline your specific products, service offerings, projects, or collaboration opportunities needs the best business proposal writers.

    Detailing the value proposition, scope of work, deliverables, timelines, and financial considerations to your valuable investors, CWL offers the best in class proposal writing services. We tailor each proposal to resonate with the target audience, ensuring clarity, coherence, and a compelling presentation of your offerings.

    Empowering Brands Through Powerful Content

    Brands are forever. And the only way you can make a lasting impact is by becoming a brand yourself! You need personal branding to distinguish yourself, showcase your unique value, and build a positive reputation. CharuWriterLance (CWL) recognizes the significance of personal branding and offers all the above services tailored to enhance your professional image.

    In this way, through our content writing, we empower you to articulate a compelling professional narrative, navigate career opportunities, optimize your online presence with consistency across platforms, network effectively and thus adapt and grow in a dynamic business environment. Ping us for the ultimate content writing services in Bangalore and allow us a chance to delight you!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    While it is important to be good, it is possibly more important to be perceived as being good! You may have good skills, products, services and qualities but if the perception is not good, then it is of no avail. It is here that marketing content writing becomes vital. Content writers help you in not only the ABC but also the DEF of branding by making your brand adapt, build, communicate, differentiate, engage and foster effective storytelling. There are a host of ways to do this and we will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of each of these routes to select the perfect mix for you. As an experienced content writing agency we would highly recommend audits to ensure that your content is up to date, relevant and engaging.

    In one sentence, marketing writing lends your business a competitive edge and helps you position yourself as a leader in the Bangalore market.

    Good content writing services in Bangalore will customise the content to cater to the specific needs, choices, and cultural nuances of your targeted audience. This will make your content more authentic and relatable, thus more engaging. Our content writers’ understanding of the local culture and community will be invaluable in building your connect and trust apart from adapting to market trends. All these help in building brand awareness, generating organic traffic and connecting with potential customers and clients.

    The answer to that is an absolute and comprehensive YES! Our expert team of content writers is also well-versed in understanding the unique needs and goals of your business and brand. There is no limit to the extent of personalization we go to in our marketing writing. The more time and resources you are willing to commit, we are happy to more than match that! We tailor our marketing writing services to align with your specific requirements (however specific they might be) ensuring that the content resonates effectively with the targeted audience and local audience, contributing to the success of your marketing endeavours.

    Our work-range includes even proposal writing services, case study content writing services and LinkedIn profile writing service!

    Our expertise lies in communication and writing. Very few can do that better than us. Whatever be your industry or sector, we can assure you complete satisfaction.

    As a content writing agency, CWL has provided marketing writing services across a diverse range of industries and sectors spanning (but not limited to) technology, healthcare, finance, e-commerce, education, hospitality, real estate, entertainment, and more. Our team is versatile, capable of crafting compelling marketing content which is suited to your unique needs and nuances.

    And if it is something we do not understand well, we do not hesitate in being transparent and letting you know. However, so far, we have never had to turn down any of our highly satisfied clients for this reason.

    Honestly, turnaround times depend on the complexity of the projects undertaken and the level of research that it entails for content writers. Depending on the need, we allot greater resources to speed up the project. CWL’s typical turnaround time for high priority projects is 24 hours and we are able to turn around even large projects in 2-3 days.

    The time-consuming step in the process is understanding our esteemed clients totally because writing and communicating after that is a breeze. That is why we tend to build loyal partnerships for the long term where there is complete understanding and, therefore, rapid turnaround times in our content writing.

    CharuWriterLance (CWL) offers a comprehensive array of marketing writing services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals. Our specialised services as mentioned above include linkedin profile writing service, email writing service, resume writing services, professional case study writing services, professional powerpoint presentation writing services, proposal writing services and startup pitch deck writing & design.

    Apart from this, we are also experts in SEO-optimised website content, blog and article writing, social media content, whitepaper creation, press releases, product descriptions and internal communication materials.

    In marketing content writing, creativity without credibility (professionalism) is useless; credibility without creativity is boring. CharuWriterLance (CWL) has a strategic approach and a tested process to strike a delicate balance between creativity and professionalism in marketing writing.

    The first and foremost step of the process involves thoroughly understanding the client’s branding and audience. Then, our content writers infuse their compelling and creative storytelling techniques into the content within the boundaries of industry norms, ensuring that it remains professional and aligns with your sectors’ expectations. We adapt the tone and language of your brand personality and are always open to feedback before creating a second version.

    Our team also possesses expertise in creating visuals that complement the written content.

    CharuWriterLance (CWL) boasts a wealth of expertise in marketing writing, cultivated over two decades of excellence. Our seasoned team has worked across a diverse spectrum of industries, collaborating with leaders in multiple sectors. This extensive experience positions CWL as a trusted partner capable of delivering top-tier marketing writing services. Our proficiency spans technology, healthcare, finance, e-commerce, education, and more. By consistently achieving exceptional results and adapting to the ever-evolving landscape, CWL stands as a beacon of expertise, ensuring impactful and strategic marketing writing for clients across various industries.